2022 Video – Celebrating our First Responders

There’s no doubt that first responders are vital to our community, but at Chill Out & Look About we are proud to have a special relationship with a few of our local Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria members. This video highlights the amazing work they do for road safety and in the community in general.


As of 10pm on January 10th, 5 Victorians have already lost their lives to road accidents. One family loosing a loved one every 2 days is not acceptable – something has to change. Source

Hello, 2021!

2021 is here, and as we look back on what was undoubtedly a difficult year, we are beyond thankful for everyone’s support of our campaign. Let’s remember 2020 as a year that not only presented a seemingly infinite number of problems, but as the year we overcame the problems thrown at us. Happy New Year …

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Well Done Everyone

On Wednesday the 9th of December, much of the Chill Out & Look About team was joined by Frankston High School Principal Mr John Anniston, Dylan’s Mum Sarah-Jane and other school staff to congratulate the team on their effort this year. We can’t wait to see our campaign continue in 2021.