About Dylan

“Dylan loved Hockey and La Crosse. He was mad about Lego and anything to do with super heroes (hence the superhero logo). He was also very interested in Greek Mythology and Astrology. He was in a few Primary School Productions, culminating in a Leading Role for the Overport Primary School Production of Tut Tut at the Frankson Arts Centre when he performed several singing Solos. He was just an all-round lovely person who I miss very much.”
– James Balharry (Dylan’s Uncle)

“Dylan had a wonderful love of life, he shone with happiness. He was always excited about school, learning and life itself. We used to talk about becoming authors and actors together when grew up.”
– Lillian Karthigesu (Dylan’s close friend)

“He was a positive person who always had a smile on his face. He knew how to make people laugh and always saw the bright side of things.” 
–  Maribel McTaggart (One of Dylan’s Classmates)

“Dylan was a valuable asset to our class as he always contributed to class discussions. He was not afraid to share his opinion and often spoke his mind on matters that are important to him. He was also open minded and was a very including person. Every time I saw Dylan he was always happy, he was an optimistic and confident person.”
– Kelly Gilbert (One of Dylan’s Classmates)

“He would always go out of his way to help everyone. He wasn’t afraid to be himself and he always did what he thought was right.”
– Oscar Scheen (Dylan’s Best Friend)

“Dylan always made people laugh and smile. He was able to turn every situation into a positive. He is missed terribly”
– Sarah Bahramis (One of Dylan’s Teachers)