We want to say how grateful we are to everyone who has donated through the GoFundMe page, enabling us to work with Dylan’s family to create the Chill Out & Look About initiative in his honour. Thanks to your support, we have developed this website, a short film and road safety educational resources.

Our goal is to honour Dylan’s legacy by educating all road users on the importance of staying vigilant, focused and minimising distractions. Don’t rush, take your time and get home safely.

We would like to recognise the support and bravery of Dylan’s family including Sarah-Jane (Dylan’s Mum), Mia (Dylan’s sister), David (Dylan’s Dad), and James (Dylan’s Uncle) for sharing their story with us. It is an honour to work with you to set up the Chill Out & Look About initiative and develop all the campaign resources.

To the doctors and nurses at the Royal Children’s Hospital who cared for Dylan during the last few days of his life, we would like to acknowledge your dedication and support during such a difficult time.

One of Dylan’s Mum’s wishes is for the intersection of Frankston-Flinders Rd and Heatherhill Rd, where the accident happened, to have a reduced speed limit to protect school students who use it. We’ve met with Peta Murphy MP, the Federal Member for Dunkley, to try to make this a reality. We would like to sincerely thank her and Paul Edbrooke MP, the State Member for Frankston, for their support. We look forward to updating you all in the near future.

The film about Dylan and his story was difficult to make. We asked students and staff at our school if they would like to be a part of it and many of Dylan’s close friends and teachers bravely said yes. In addition to everyone in our leadership class and Mrs Bahramis, we would like to thank Oscar Scheen, Lillian Karthigesu, Alex Stobie, Allira Reid and Mrs Katie Watson for sharing their memories and giving us road safety advice. To Naomi Ball – our incredible film maker who helped us to create the film – thank you for taking on all our ideas and helping us to make a beautiful film that shares an important message.

The former Principal of Frankston High School, John Albiston, has been very supportive, especially during the difficult times of COVID-19 and we thank him for this.

From the moment we heard that Dylan had been in an accident, we wanted to do something positive to make sure this never happens again. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we have been working hard, even during our virtual lunchtimes, with Dylan’s family to make sure this initiative does Dylan justice. We miss Dylan every day and hope this campaign makes everyone chill out and look about when on the road.

Thank you.

Year 9 Leadership Class – Semester 1 2020 @ Frankston High School

  • Hannah Smith
  • Hayden Van Kuyk
  • Oscar Menzies
  • Alexandra Shacklock
  • Maribel Mctaggart
  • Kai Malcolm
  • Anna Beaudry
  • Nikita St.Laurent
  • Kelly Gilbert
  • Cate Millen
  • Ruby Code
  • Ravi Moss
  • Samantha Ripari
  • Rita Kuzminykh
  • Damon Lorimer
  • Abel Aby Joseph
  • Sienna Longmuir
  • Ruby Knowles
  • Ava Howden
  • With Mrs Sarah Bahramis