In Honour of Dylan Briggs

chill out & look about

Who We Are

The Chill Out & Look About initiative aims to improve road safety awareness for all road users. The initiative honours the memory of Dylan Briggs, who tragically died while riding his bike home from school in March 2020. It was created by his family and group of classmates at Frankston High School.

From the moment we learnt that Dylan lost his life, we wanted to do something positive to make sure such a tragedy never happens again. Dylan’s family, friends and classmates have worked together to set up the Chill Out & Look About initiative and develop road safety resources for teachers and students.

Dylan is first on the right in the front row

What We Do

Teacher Resources

Our engaging lesson plans and accompanying resources allow teachers to teach a fully-fledged road safety unit in just 4 lessons. During the unit, students complete a project to identify a potential road safety hazard in their local community and present possible solutions.

Spread Awareness

Dylan’s story is one that needs to be heard. 1182 people tragically lost their lives on Australia’s roads in 2019. But it’s more than that – 1182 fathers and mothers lost their children, 1182 people’s friends can’t see those people ever again. Road safety needs to be talked about.


Our interactive workshops provide Primary School age children with the opportunity to learn about traffic lights, crossing roads, bike safety and etiquette and general road rules. Our team of young people ensure students get the most out of our 45-minute sessions.

Our Logo

The superhero logo was a simple idea that was important to Sarah-Jane – Dylan’s mum. Dylan loved Marvel and DC characters (particularly “The Flash”) and Sarah-Jane wanted Dylan’s legacy to be associated with him being a superhero. Dylan’s last gift was one of organ donation and through that he has saved lives. A true hero!

The logo and emblem will be synonymous to Dylan being “on watch” – looking out for everyone’s safety. He would have loved that.

The design of the character was modeled on an actual photo of him.